The restaurant has a view of Peschici which is perched on the white cliffs above, approximately 2 km away, and is A diamond in the rough, embedded in the rocks directly behind the Trabucco.
The external verandas have been built up from the old beams of the Trabucco, bits of driftwood that have been tossed up by the winter storms, the contorted and twisted trunks of old trees and old fishing nets.
The internal eating area is like a small maritime museum: it is rich with memorabilia, old fishing tools and photos of impressive catches from times past.
A rustic and welcoming atmosphere, a cuisine rich with tradition that also employs cutting edge cooking techniques: slow cooking at low temparatures , vacuum packing, the stringent adherence to regulations regarding raw seafood.
It shows flair and innovation whilst still paying homage to the recipes from long ago. From the sea to your table, whilst still paying homage to the traditional recipes. We are on a constant search for the freshest ingredients of the highest quality;.
And land too: the vegetables from the local farmer of Peschici, selected every morning for the dishes that every month changes form and taste following the circle of the nature and the best combinations with the fish trapped by the trabucco and the local fishing fleet, from spring to autumn.
At trabucco´s also wine has an important role: an equipped wine cellar of Apulian wines, were we put first wines produced in our Capitanata such as the autochthonous Bombino bianco and the Nero di Troia. You can ask for a glass of wine from all the wines in the cellar.
Ther is also new Italian beer craft selection to drink different and a Cocktail area open from 7 to 8 p.m. You can´t miss a sunset dinner to close your trip in the beautiful Puglia.