Before becoming chefs and fishermen, the Ottaviano family were master carpenters, and one of the oldest families involved in the construction of Trabucchi in the region.
Dalle ricerche dello storico abruzzese Pietro Cupido sembrano persino gli artefici, con l'altra storica famiglia di trabucchisti di Peschici: i Fasanella, del trabucco garganico, esportato dal vicino Abruzzo.
According to the historian Pietro Cupido, the first Ottaviano to be involved in the construction of the trabucchi was Giovanni Battista. He was nominated supervisor of one of the first fishing devices, near Lesina, in 1925.
In 1927 Battista and his son Carlo completed the Trabucco underneath the tower of Mount Pucci. The following year he constructed the trabucco in Rodi Garganico for his own personal use.
In 1936 he disassembled this one and reconstructed it at Sfinale Point, where it stayed for 10 fruitful years, until it was moved again, this time to under the cliffs of Peschici.
Years before, in 1930, Battista and his son were commissioned to build a Trabucco on Gusmay point. In 1931 they were also busy working on the Trabucco at San Nicola Bay near Peschici. This was to become the property of Carlo (Mimi’s father) upon the death of his father and the other co owner.
Following in the footsteps of his father Carlo , Mimi ,after spending some years in Canada seeking his fortune, returned to Peschici with his wife Lucia, and put back into operation the old trabucco left to him by his father.
Whilst Mimi passed the hot summer days on the Trabucco restoring it to its former glory, he noticed many tourists passing by showing a curious interest in the fishing device.
Encouraged by his wife Lucia, who realized this was an opportunity for a new business venture, he opened a small bar on the premises. In the beginning, they supplied only cold drinks. Spurred on by the many requests for food from the constant stream of tourists, Lucia started to offer a fairly simple menu: freshly caught grilled fish from the Trabucco, some home made pasta dishes, and her famous stuffed aubergines.
Today it is well renowned as a gastronomical haven for the senses .
The head chefs are Mimis’ two sons, Mario and Carlo. Carlo’s wife Rossella, and their two sons, Domenico and Vincenzo, deal with the front of house.
The infamous stuffed aubergines are still prepared under the attentive eye of Lucia, and the magician Mimi, seated in front of the fireplace, keeps one eye on the weather report, and the other on the nets resting in the sea, waiting for the fish. He is always more than happy to regale people with his tales of daunting storms and amazing hauls.