The Restaurant

The restaurant is a beautiful piece of local history  nestled  on the rocky coast of San Nicola bay in Peschici.
An outdoor restaurant, it has a rustic and cozy ambience and has been constructed manly from driftwood and decorated with old nets, fishing tools and other relics from the sea.

The Trabucco

Built in the nineteen twenties it has been owned and operated by the Ottaviano family for the last five  generations.
Trabucco da Mimì it’s one of the most well mantained Trabucchi, it is an antique fishing platforms found on the coastline of Puglia and Abruzzo.
It is still active and hauls in prize catches of many species of blue fish and mullets in the traditional line of sight method: someone maintains watch from high up antenna ( a little like a tightrope walker) and once a shoal is spotted the shout goes out in the local dialect ”viijr” and the fisherman run to turn the winches that will left the nets out of the sea, thus trapping the fish, which is then taken to the kitchen to be cooked at request.

Mimì and Lucia

Mimi and Lucia opened the restaurant back in the 1975. They  were immigrants in canada for a while and when they decided to came back to Peschici and the first tourists start to visit the area the two decided it was the right time to start a little restaurant.
In the beginning the menu comprised simply of Mimi’s catch of the day, precluded by a simple pasta dish and accompanied by the vegetables from Lucia’s garden.
Today the grandchildren Domenico and Vincenzo and their son Carlo with his wife Rossella are keeping the tradition alive.


The Tradition

We still faithfully follow the tradition recipes that grandma left us and we are always on the lookout for seasonal organic vegetables of the highest and freshest quality which will best complement the fish caught in our nets or brought in by local fishermens.



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