Aperitivo at Sunset

That magical moment at sunset, when the sun sinks into the warm waters of the Adriatic sea and ifuses the sky with vibrant dreamlike colours the crowds start to clap.
From June throught to August we celebrate this moment by pouring the best regional wines and a great selections of craft beer. Our “ Rock food”, a selection of fingerfood featuring raw seafood, deep fried fish, and much more completes the experience, making for a truly unforgettable sunset aperitif.

How it works

You can experience this ritual all summer long at the sunset hour.
Starting at 7pm throught 9pm with live music sessions and wine or beer tastings.
We do accept reservations, the bar offers the best wines and craft beers paired with seafood nibbles starting from 15 euros.

Live at Sunset

A light sea breeze that cools you down in a classic summer day, a glass of wine in your hand and soulful  notes of jazz at sunset. Do you need more?
In the sumer, the stage lights up with the best artist selected by our artistic director Enzo Cavalli.
With different international and italian artist showcasing different music styles.
Jazz or acoustic, it doesnt matter, you will be amazed!

Craft beers

We do not only serve a great selection of craft beers, we have our own home brew, brewed in collaboration with different breweries.
Bianca del gargano is a wheat ale with 5%vol brewed with local hard wheat Senatore Cappelli,  orange peels and flowers from Gargano.
Saison del Gargano is a farmahouse ale 5.8%vol brewed using spices freshly picked from our area.

Gose del Gargano a light salty, wheat beers with tart citrus arom, perfect summer brew


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