The trabucco is an ingenious fishing device.
They are traditionally constructed from beams of oak, spruce and Aleppo pine.
This method of fishing is thought to have been imported from the neighbouring Abruzzo region.
The Trabucci is anchored to the rock and jut out to sea.
. They are comprised of a large platform, onto which the nets are hauled, two vertical poles which have the function of maintaining the two longer antennas (some of which can reach a length of 50 metres), and the smaller lateral antennas.
At the centre of the platform there are other smaller vertical poles.
These control the smaller antennae, which allow the fishermen to retrieve the fish from the bottom of the net whilst it is still lying in the water. They use a long sieve like scoop.
There are two winches , which are rotated in order to lift the large rectangular net out of the water.
The main catch is mullet, which have been nicknamed by local fishermen the fish of the trabucco.